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Online Baccarat Tournaments – Some Main Features

Many people were fascinated towards playing baccarat after they watched James Bond playing it in movies. Baccarat is a game that was played for many years only by the rich and famous people. This made baccarat a topic of interest among normal casino players. People use to think that baccarat is a very difficult game to play but the reality is quite opposite. With casinos now operating over internet people can easily play any game anytime anywhere. People have now realized that baccarat is one of the easiest casino games ever and has a very high winning percentage when compared with other card games.

Due to all these reasons online baccarat tournaments have become a regular feature of online casinos. Some of the features of online baccarat tournaments that make it better than playing in real casinos are:

• The convenience one gets while playing from home cannot be beaten. Baccarat is a game that is given luxury treatment in many casinos. The tables for baccarat are arranged in a private area where only the high-end players dressed in tuxedos can play. Playing from home means you don’t have to dress up any special dress to play baccarat. It also saves you from personally going to a casino which otherwise can be a headache for many players.

• When playing online you can be sure that no one is watching you. This is not possible in traditional casinos where hundreds of people may be watching you thereby adding to the pressure. Remember you are playing just for money. That’s why online baccarat tournaments are becoming such a big hit.

• When playing from the internet whatever money you win gets transferred to your account instantaneously. This was impossible when playing in real casinos. You can get your hands on the money the very next moment which makes playing online baccarat tournaments a better option than playing in real casinos.

Paul Darden – Professional Poker Player Review Series

“Ladies and gentlemen, here we announce the name of 2nd position holder of World Poker Finals, Event 11 – Limit 7 Card Stud of 2000, is none other than Paul Darden”. Hope this is the ultimate expression of feelings and victory for an icon when he was not an icon. Now comes the big hit, after several notable tournament finishes Paul Darden won the World Series of Poker bracelet for the $2,500 seven-card stud event in 2001 by defeating Tom Franklin. Though this poker player started his speedy journey in the year 2000 but in 2001 he was on top speed at full throttle.

Paul Darden was accused to murder when he was only fifteen years old. The reason was mistaken identity but was acquitted. That time he mixed himself with wrong gatherings and he used to hang out with robbers and drug dealers. The game poker helped him a lot to change his life. The other person who also helped him was his mentor, Phil Ivey. After winning the WSOP bracelet in 2001 Paul Darden won a World Poker Tour title in 2002, in the main event of Gold Rush tournament. He captured the 5th place in $10,000 main event of the Party Poker Million IV cruise. This poker player made his first money finish in 2003 in the $10,000 WSOP main event in 45th place. In the 2005 he cashed in the same event.

Before he became a Professional Poker Player, Paul Darden was an owner of a night club in his hometown New Haven. He promoted rap, hip hop and R&B. He was born on October 27, 1968. This icon is married and he is the father of four children. Paul Darden feels himself lucky as he has managed to beat the odds. People with whom this poker player grew up in the inner city, most of them ended with drugs, and different kinds of violence. Though Paul Darden was dropped from high school but he was smart enough to do something positive, rather tan negative with his life.

Paul Darden’s aggressive style suits him to the game and shows him the way to success whenever he plays. There are many tournaments players who had success by super aggressive body language, but most of them are not successful for a long term. This poker player believes in patience along with aggressiveness. He pays close attention to the opponents and strikes as soon as he gets an opportunity. For these characteristics we can expect him for years after years in the tournament. In the Northeast seven card stud was the choice of Poker Players and this icon was also a part of this. His past life’s experience motivated him towards the sky.

For him there were not much option for a handsome income, Fox woods Casino gave him the opportunity. From there he managed to make a living, beating local games. People still consider him a Stud specialist, but he is thankful to Phil Ivey who encouraged him to play other games, especially No Limit Hold’em. So, finally this turned into an icon.