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Poker Calculator Report

Magic Holdem is the latest entry in the poker calculator market. With sharp looking displays, and quick programming on a variety of your favorite poker sites, this poker calculator will do the mathematical functions you would expect a mathematical poker calculator to do.

Therein however, lies the good and the not so good about introducing a new poker calculator. Let’s assume this is not a knock-off of borrowed programming from holdem genius. Since they do operate in a similar way, it could be a totally feasible market strategy to try and capture more market share. I would have no problem with that strategy. Get as many products out there as you can and try and dominate your competition.

On the other hand, if this software has been designed specifically for magic holdem where are the investors getting their research from? They must not have realized that mathematical poker calculators are in abundance and offer up virtually the very same information as does the next one. Marketing 101 – entering a homogenous market is a tough market to crack without some kind of distinct advantage. It’s like buying a dozen eggs and deciding between six different packages. As smooth as Magic Holdem operates, it is certainly not distinct.

I am not saying it isn’t a good product, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the market, and in that sense there are better options. Poker Spy and Holdem Indicator have tracking abilities in their software that go beyond the mathematical style poker calculators. That makes Holdem Indicator and Poker Spy empirical poker calculators which are far more valuable in that they offer up information on your opponents, not just the math of the game – although they do that as well.

So this begs the question again. Why are they still making software that is purely mathematical? Note to designers and investors – Add features or options to your product that will differentiate your product and add critical features that can improve a player’s game.

I constantly get poker calculator software to review and am constantly surprised at the how little designers are paying attention to this market. As it is, software like Holdem Indicator will continue to reap the rewards of others’ ignorance of the market, as it is at the forefront of feature design and seamless programming. I just wish they would wake up so we could have more competition.

A Guide to Blackjack Accessories

Casino games provide fun, thrill, and wholesome entertainment for those who like to live it up. Fortunately, the need to visit casinos in exotic places such as Las Vegas no longer holds true as one is able to create a casino-like atmosphere right there in your home. Equipping the home with appropriate casino supplies can do the trick and make one get the feel of a real-time casino experience.

If you have a penchant for casino gaming such as blackjack, then go ahead and look up the exhaustive list of blackjack accessories that you can avail from the Internet. Varieties of good customized blackjack gaming tables fitted with the latest blackjack accessories for a comfortable and enjoyable stint of blackjack gaming are all there for the asking.

Since playing for long hours could lead to tired arms, having the table fitted with padded armrests might be worth considering. That apart, the table must encompass components such as the chip tray, the slot for bills, a drop box and many more such utilities. Adequate space should be provided for each player to play the game comfortably. In most cases the blackjack table is fitted with folding legs to keep them away when not in use.

Next in line in the domain of blackjack accessories are the type of chips. A variety of chips that are lightweight, clear in their numbering styles, and sized aptly for one to handle may be easily found for buyers to purchase through online sources.

Yet another vital aspect in the list of blackjack accessories are the type of the cards to use while playing the game. The popular plastic variety of cards is great for use as these are durable and easy to handle as well. A few other blackjack accessories to be kept in mind for home casino players are the varieties available in plenty with regard to the discard holders, the dealing shoes, and devices for card shuffling.